Aly Nicklas // @alynicklas

I grew up free-range, prowling the mountains and woods in Alaska. As a writer, photographer and filmmaker I’m most inspired by wild places and wild people, and I prefer to keep the line between work and play a blurry one. My folks raised me to respect our planet, its people and all the species that share this earth with us. 

I like doing a lot of things. From starting and running a nationally recognized disaster relief organization in the wake of the 2013 Colorado Floods to founding the highly successful Born Wild Project, I believe in taking on big projects that make the world a better place.  Nick-named Scout by my friends due to my insatiable curiosity, I’m notorious for refusing to turn around until I’ve seen what’s on the other side of mountain. Currently based in Boulder, where my bags don’t stay unpacked for long (if at all).

You can see more of my work over at alynicklas.com.

Alisa Geiser // @alisageiser

I’m a storyteller and a firetender and I’ve sought and told many a fortune. Some call me a Renaissance woman, some call me a free spirit—I prefer the term ‘feral’. Roaming mountainsides and cityscapes in search of novel tastes and ancient tales is how I find my bliss. Along the way to wherever I am, I served as managing editor for Westcliffe Publishers, helped eco-magazine elephant journal go national, worked for Martha Stewart, earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder and claimed a Guinness world record with Carmen Electra.

Nowadays, I make films and other magic with NOVA and run the small art book publishing house Outsider Books. I am represented by Foundry Literary + Media.

When I’m not on the roam, I call Colorado my home.

Stephanie Sizemore // @steph.size

Stephanie Sizemore is a freelance art director and designer in Boulder, CO. Hailing from the south, she graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in Graphic Design with Art History, Photography, & Business minors. She has worked at a handful of local advertising agencies as an art director, photographer, and designer. Stephanie takes an analytical and foundational approach to design; maintaining a modern design sense founded in geometry. Her work methodology is based in thorough design and behavioral research which helps her clients communicate ideas to and inspire actions within their audience. Stephanie has a passion for typography, trail running, and charcoal illustration.



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